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CRPropa is a publicly available simulation framework to study the propagation of ultra-high-energy nuclei up to iron on their voyage through an (extra)galactic environment. It takes into account: pion production, photodisintegration and energy losses by pair production of all relevant isotopes in the ambient low-energy photon fields as well as nuclear decay. CRPropa can model the deflection in (inter)galactic magnetic fields, the propagation of secondary electromagnetic cascades and neutrinos for a multitude of scenarios for different source distributions and magnetic environments. It enables the user to predict the spectra of UHECR (and of their secondaries), their composition and arrival direction distribution. Additionally, the low-energy Galactic propagation can be simulated by solving the transport equation using stochastic differential equations. CRPropa features a very flexible simulation setup with python steering and shared-memory parallelization.

Interactive Online Demo

You can try out CRPropa online at Use the guest login and go to the CRPropa example via “VISPA Cluster” –> “Open Examples”.

Installation and Documentation

To install CRPropa, download and unzip either the

Installation instructions, usage examples and API documentation can be found on the documentation web site of CRPropa.


Please use the ticket system for support and in case of general questions. Please browse also the documentation and previous support requests on installation and usage of CRPropa before opening a new ticket.

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How to cite CRPropa

If you use CRPropa 3.2 for your research, please cite

**JCAP (2022) no. 09, 035; arXiv:2208.00107**

as well as additional publications dependent on the components you are using.

Publications based on CRPropa

An extensive list of publications using CRPropa can be found via inSPIRE.


Plugins are extensions of the core CRPropa framework, but they are not maintained by the CRPropa developer team. Instructions to install plugins can be found in the documentation.

Make sure to correctly cite the plugins when using them.





Magnetic Field Analysis


Plasma Instabilities


Magnetic Monopole Studies


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