Class LensPart

Class Documentation

class LensPart

Holds one matrix for the lens and information about the rigidity range.

Public Functions

LensPart(const std::string &filename, double rigidityMin, double rigidityMax)

File containing the matrix to be used in the range rigidityMin, rigidityMax in Joule.

void loadMatrixFromFile()

Loads the matrix from file.

const std::string &getFilename()

Returns the filename of the matrix.

double getMaximumOfSumsOfColumns()

Calculates the maximum of the sums of columns for the matrix.

double getMinimumRigidity()

Returns the minimum of the rigidity range for the lenspart in eV.

double getMaximumRigidity()

Returns the maximum of the rigidity range for the lenspart in eV.

ModelMatrixType &getMatrix()

Returns the modelmatrix.

void setMatrix(const ModelMatrixType &m)

Sets the modelmatrix.