Class SourcePulsarDistribution

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class SourcePulsarDistribution : public SourceFeature

Source distribution following the Galactic pulsar distribution.

A logarithmic spiral with four arms is used for the radial distribution. The z-distribution is a simple exponentially decaying distribution. The pulsar distribution is explained in detail in C.-A. Faucher-Giguere and V. M. Kaspi, ApJ 643 (May, 2006) 332. The radial distribution is parametrized as in Blasi and Amato, JCAP 1 (Jan., 2012) 10.

Public Functions


Default constructor. Default parameters are: . rEarth = 8.5 kpc . beta = 3.53 . zg = 300 pc . Rmax = 22 kpc . Zmax = 5 kpc . rBlur = 0.07 . thetaBlur = 0.35 / kpc

SourcePulsarDistribution(double rEarth, double beta, double zg, double rBlur, double thetaBlur)

Generic constructor

  • rEarth – distance from Earth to the Galactic centre [in meters]

  • beta – parameter that shifts radially the maximum of the distributions

  • zg – exponential cut-off parameter in the z-direction [in meters]

  • rBlur – relative smearing factor for radius

  • thetaBlur – smearing factor for the angle [in 1 / meters]

virtual void prepareParticle(ParticleState &particle) const
double fr(double r) const

radial distribution of pulsars


r – galactocentric radius

double fz(double z) const

z distribution of pulsars


z – height over/under the galactic plane

double ftheta(int i, double r) const
double blurR(double r_tilde) const
double blurTheta(double theta_tilde, double r_tilde) const
void setFrMax(double R, double b)
void setFzMax(double zg)
void setRMax(double rMax)
void setZMax(double zMax)
void setRBlur(double rBlur)
void setThetaBlur(double thetaBlur)
double getFrMax()
double getFzMax()
double getRMax()
double getZMax()
double getRBlur()
double getThetaBlur()
void setDescription()
virtual void prepareCandidate(Candidate &candidate) const
std::string getDescription() const
inline size_t addReference() const
inline size_t removeReference() const
inline int removeReferenceNoDelete() const
inline size_t getReferenceCount() const

Protected Attributes

std::string description
mutable size_t _referenceCount