group Observer

Observers and ObserverFeatures.

ObserverFeatures are added to the ObserverModule to check for detection and perform actions on detection.

class ObserverFeature : public Referenced
#include <Observer.h>

Abstract base class for features of cosmic ray observers.

Subclassed by ObserverDetectAll, ObserverElectronVeto, ObserverInactiveVeto, ObserverLargeSphere, ObserverNeutrinoVeto, ObserverNucleusVeto, ObserverParticleIdVeto, ObserverPhotonVeto, ObserverPoint, ObserverRedshiftWindow, ObserverSmallSphere, ObserverSurface, ObserverTimeEvolution, ObserverTracking

class Observer : public Module
#include <Observer.h>

General cosmic ray observer.

class ObserverDetectAll : public ObserverFeature
#include <Observer.h>

Detects all particles.

class ObserverSurface : public ObserverFeature
#include <Observer.h>

Detects particles crossing the durface.

class ObserverSmallSphere : public ObserverFeature
#include <Observer.h>

Detects particles upon entering a sphere.

class ObserverTracking : public ObserverFeature
#include <Observer.h>

Tracks particles inside a sphere.

class ObserverLargeSphere : public ObserverFeature
#include <Observer.h>

Detects particles upon exiting a sphere.

class ObserverPoint : public ObserverFeature
#include <Observer.h>

Detects particles when reaching x = 0.

This module limits the next step size to prevent candidates from overshooting. Should be renamed to Observer1D, once old observer-scheme is removed.

class ObserverRedshiftWindow : public ObserverFeature
#include <Observer.h>

Detects particles in a given redshift window.

class ObserverInactiveVeto : public ObserverFeature
#include <Observer.h>

Veto for inactive candidates.

class ObserverNucleusVeto : public ObserverFeature
#include <Observer.h>

Veto for nuclei (including protons and neutrons)

class ObserverNeutrinoVeto : public ObserverFeature
#include <Observer.h>

Veto for neutrinos.

class ObserverPhotonVeto : public ObserverFeature
#include <Observer.h>

Veto for photons.

class ObserverElectronVeto : public ObserverFeature
#include <Observer.h>

Veto for electrons and positrons.

class ObserverParticleIdVeto : public ObserverFeature
#include <Observer.h>

Custom veto for user-defined particle types.

class ObserverTimeEvolution : public ObserverFeature
#include <Observer.h>

Observes the time evolution of the candidates (phase-space elements) This observer is very useful if the time evolution of the particle density is needed. It detects all candidates in regular timeintervals and limits the nextStep of candidates to prevent overshooting of detection intervals.