Class CandidateSplitting

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class CandidateSplitting : public Module

Candidates are split into n copies when they gain energy and cross specified energy bins. Weights are set accordingly. In case of Diffusice Shock Acceleration, splitting number can be adapted to expected spectral index to compensate for the loss of particles per magnitude in energy.

Public Functions

CandidateSplitting(int nSplit, double Emin, double Emax, double nBins, double minWeight, bool log = false)


  • nSplit – Number of copies candidates are split

  • Emin – Minimal energy for splitting

  • Emax – Maximal energy for splitting

  • nBins – Number of energy bins

  • minWeight – Mimimal Weight

  • log – Energy bins in log

CandidateSplitting(double spectralIndex, double Emin, int nBins)


  • spectralIndex – Expected spectral index determines splitting numbe

  • Emin – Minimal energy for splitting

  • nBins – Number of bins in energy, with dE(spectralIndex) it determines Emax

virtual void process(Candidate *c) const
void setEnergyBins(double Emin, double Emax, double nBins, bool log)
void setEnergyBinsDSA(double Emin, double dE, int n)
void setNsplit(int n)
void setMinimalWeight(double w)
int getNsplit() const
double getMinimalWeight() const
const std::vector<double> &getEnergyBins() const
virtual std::string getDescription() const
void setDescription(const std::string &description)
inline void process(ref_ptr<Candidate> candidate) const
inline size_t addReference() const
inline size_t removeReference() const
inline int removeReferenceNoDelete() const
inline size_t getReferenceCount() const

Protected Attributes

mutable size_t _referenceCount