Class SimpleTurbulenceSpectrum

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class SimpleTurbulenceSpectrum : public TurbulenceSpectrum

Defines the energy spectrum of simple power-law turbulence.

Public Functions

SimpleTurbulenceSpectrum(double Brms, double lMin, double lMax, double sIndex = 5./3)

  • Brms: root mean square field strength for generated field
  • lMin: Minimum physical scale of the turbulence
  • lMax: Maximum physical scale of the turbulence
  • lBendover: the bend-over scale
  • sindex: Spectral index of the energy spectrum in the inertial range

double energySpectrum(double k) const

General energy spectrum for synthetic turbulence models

double getCorrelationLength() const

compute the magnetic field coherence length according to the formula in Harari et al. JHEP03(2002)045

Lc coherence length of the magnetic field

double getBrms() const
double getLmin() const
double getLmax() const
double getLbendover() const
double getSindex() const
double getQindex() const
size_t addReference() const
size_t removeReference() const
int removeReferenceNoDelete() const
size_t getReferenceCount() const

Public Static Functions

static double turbulentCorrelationLength(double lMin, double lMax, double s)

Protected Functions

double spectrumNormalization() const

Normalization for the below defined Lc

Protected Attributes

size_t _referenceCount