Class ObliqueAdvectionShock

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class ObliqueAdvectionShock : public AdvectionField

Advection field in x-y-direction with shock at x = 0 and width x_sh approximated by tanh() with variable compression ratio r_comp = vx_up/vx_down. The y component vy is not shocked and remains constant.

Public Functions

ObliqueAdvectionShock(double compressionRatio, double vXUp, double vY, double lShock)


  • compressionRatio – //compression ratio of shock

  • vXUp – //upstream velocity x-component

  • vY – //constant velocity y-component

  • lShock – //shock width

virtual Vector3d getField(const Vector3d &position) const
virtual double getDivergence(const Vector3d &position) const
void setComp(double compressionRatio)
void setVup(double vXUp)
void setVy(double vY)
void setShockwidth(double lShock)
double getComp() const
double getVup() const
double getVy() const
double getShockwidth() const
std::string getDescription() const
inline size_t addReference() const
inline size_t removeReference() const
inline int removeReferenceNoDelete() const
inline size_t getReferenceCount() const

Protected Attributes

mutable size_t _referenceCount