Class LogarithmicSpiralField

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class LogarithmicSpiralField : public MagneticField

Galactic disk field model of axisymmetric (ASS) or bisymmetric (BSS) logarithmic spiral shape.

Public Functions

inline LogarithmicSpiralField(bool isBSS = true, double b0 = 1., double pitch = M_1_PI / 4., double rsol = 8.5 * kpc, double rc = 3 * kpc, double d = 5 * kpc, double z0 = 3 * kpc)


  • isBSS – switch for the magnetic field model true for BSS, false for ASS

  • b0 – magnetic field strength

  • pitch – pitch angle [rad]

  • rsol – distance of sun from Galactic center

  • rc – radius of central region with constant field

  • d – distance to first field reversal

  • z0 – vertical attenuation length

inline void setParameters(bool isBSS, double b0, double pitch, double rsol, double rc, double d, double z0)
inline Vector3d getField(Vector3d pos) const
inline virtual Vector3d getField(const Vector3d &position) const
inline virtual Vector3d getField(const Vector3d &position, double z) const
inline size_t addReference() const
inline size_t removeReference() const
inline int removeReferenceNoDelete() const
inline size_t getReferenceCount() const

Protected Attributes

mutable size_t _referenceCount