Class SourceMultipleParticleTypes

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class SourceMultipleParticleTypes : public SourceFeature

Multiple particle types with individual relative abundances.

This feature assigns particle types to the events emitted by the sources. It is possible to control the relative abundance of each particle species. Particles are identified following the PDG numbering scheme:

Public Functions



void add(int id, double weight = 1)

Add an individual particle type.

  • id – id of the particle following the PDG numbering scheme

  • weight – relative abundance of individual particle species

virtual void prepareParticle(ParticleState &particle) const
void setDescription()
virtual void prepareCandidate(Candidate &candidate) const
std::string getDescription() const
inline size_t addReference() const
inline size_t removeReference() const
inline int removeReferenceNoDelete() const
inline size_t getReferenceCount() const

Protected Attributes

std::string description
mutable size_t _referenceCount