Function crpropa::ElecaPropagation

Function Documentation

void ElecaPropagation(const std::string & inputfile, const std::string & outputfile, bool showProgress = true, double lowerEnergyThreshold = 0.8010882435, double magneticFieldStrength = 1E-13, const std::string & background = "ALL")

  • inputfile: input in PhotonOutput1D format
  • outputfile: output in PhotonOutput1D format
  • showProgress: show a progress bar
  • lowerEnergyThreshold: threshold energy [J], default = 5 EeV
  • magneticFieldStrength: magnetic field strength [T], default = 1 nG
  • background: photon background string

Propagate photons, electrons and positrons using the EleCa code. The propagation is stopped when the particles reach the observer or their energy drops below the threshold energy.